About Us

Hill Aircraft Service Ltd. is the corner-stone and driving force behind Hill Aviation Centre's "one-stop shopping" philosophy. This dynamic company founded in 1995 offers both helicopter and fixed wing operators a wide range of aviation products and services. From routine maintenance to complete aircraft refurbishment, Hill Aircraft Service is dedicated to providing its customers with outstanding service and quality workmanship.

With the ability to carry out dynamic component overhaul and structural repair and modifications, the company's 24 hour on-site and mobile maintenance services are well supported. The parts department, self-contained paint booth, and adjacent paint preparation building complement the all-inclusive concept.

Involvement with appraisals, audits and acquiring project aircraft has taken Hill Aircraft staff to destinations in North America, Europe, and China. The recovery of aircraft has demanded the use of scuba gear, riverboats, and overhead cranes. Whether on the move or at the home base location at the Prince George Airport in central British Columbia, Hill Aircraft Service Ltd. is well equipped to serve the aviation community.